Flock spraying equipment from DCA Electrostatics: leaders in the manufacture of flock spraying equipment and electrostatic flocking equipment.

DCA Electrostatics in the UK manufacture a comprehensive range of flocking equipment and flock spraying equipment to enable you to create a flock finish or flock coating on a whole range of surfaces or substrates.

Our range of Fabricoat high-voltage electrostatic flocking machines will enable you to produce striking suede and velour effects (allowing you to produce velvet and beize finishes) using chopped nylon fibres (fibers) or rayon fibres (fibers).

To see the full range of our Fabricoat electrostatic flock sparay equipment - visit our website flocking.biz by clicking on the banner below:


Flock spraying equipment for electrostatic flocking.


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Electrostatic Flocking Spraying - an overview of the Flock Coating Process...

Flock spraying equipment allows you to apply minute strands of coloured nylon or rayon fibres (fibers) as an even coating to a whole range of surfaces. High voltages generated by the flock spraying machines electrostatically charge the chopped nylon or rayon fibres which are then attracted to the surface you wish to coat.
The surface you wish to apply the flocked coating to is first covered with a thin layer of special adhesive. The chopped nylon strands then land, end-on, in the adhesive and gradually build up to form a seamless, flocked, suede or velour effect finish.

At Flocking.biz - the website of DCA Electrostatics - you can see the whole range of Fabricoat flock spraying equipment and find a flocking applicator to suit your needs. The Fabricoat range extends from the small, hand-held, battery powered FABRICOATER (used for applying a flock finish to small items or limited production runs or trials) - right the way up to automated flock cabinets and conveyor units (for example as used in the automotive industry).

Flock Coating: Uses for Flock

A flock or flocked finish can be applied to numerous items - limited only by your imagination! Below is a list of typical applications for flock coatings and electrostatic flock spraying equipment:

  • Model making (including film industry, sets and props)

  • Automotive component flocking (eg. interior finish for gloveboxes)

  • Textile flocking

  • Glitter effects

  • T-shirt logos

  • Baize, suede, velvet or velour effects

  • Velour repairs - car seat repairs

  • Flocked decorative effects

  • Non-reflective coatings

DCA Electrostatics
also produce a range of high-voltage test meters and spray shop analysers, click here for more details.

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> Fabricoater - Portable battery operated flock unit

Flocking.biz is the website of DCA Electrostatics - flock equipment manufacturers. We produce electrostatic flocking and flock spray equipment to achieve velour, suede, velvet and baize effects with nylon or rayon flock. Our comprehensive range of Fabricoat flock equipment has many uses including: rubber profile flocking, automotive component flocking, textile flocking, auto upholstery repairs, T-shirt flock logos, non-reflective flocked coatings, flocked decorative effects and flock glitter effects. From hand held battery operated flock equipment to complete systems for special applications, DCA Electrostatics will have a solution for your flock needs. Fabricoater - the portable hand-held battery operated flock unit.

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